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Sharing is caring


Yeah, sharing really is caring. And that also seems like a good introduction blogpost.
I’m all about giving to the world to help create a better place. I do believe that to do that, giving what can be given is the best way.
Also, giving gifts are just as fun as receiving them. Oh, at least to a point when the gift is thoroughly tought about. Giving away a birthday present just to give a gift isn’t nearly as fun as really put your mind into what a certain person might need or like.

Well, that’s that about that.
Now to software, and to connect with the topic about, open source software…


A few years ago I couldn’t understand how to config conky to get a smooth and nice result, so I never paid any attention to it. I realize today that I never really bothered learning it, and reading config guides can (still) be quite a pain. So I fished up an original example config from Conkys wiki and redid it a bit to fit into my system.
Screenshot is available below.



I might just as well share the tint2-config too I guess.
all because sharing is caring.
It’s made with tintwizard, so I guess it shouldn’t be that hard to recreate a theme that is pure love to one owns system. The fonts used is monofur.
my tint2 config